Bar Entertainment

Korndogg Entertainment Group incorporates audio and visual elements to entertain and stumble your brain, and their Dirty Bingo nights have been rated the best Orlando has to offer due to a combination of the most talented and witty hosts, FREE bingo cards, and exciting format for winning the best prizes Orlando has to offer. Currently KEG Orlando continues to provide Central Florida with the most entertaining nights including Karaoke, Trivia, Dirty Bingo, Bar Bingo, Cards Against Humanity, Lip-Synch Battles and DJ nights. With multiple bars, offering entertainment every night of the week, there is always something fun to do. Just check out the Orlando Events Calendar and choose away.

KEG Orlando started off by hosting Karaoke nights with a twist. Since their inception in 2007, they have adopted, perfected and evolved some of your favorite bar games and nights to constantly keep you entertained and winning! Hover over our Bar Entertainment link to choose the entertainment you seek to enjoy! On each individual page is a description detailing the event, how its won, and what is offered. See why KEG Orlando wins at what they do!

Need A Professional DJ?  Korndogg Entertainment Group also offers Professional DJ Services! Our DJs play for the crowds, without falling into the same rut as the majority of DJs you’ll find around town.  KEG Orlando DJ’s offer the top music (or custom playlists/ requests), with smooth transitions at Orlando’s hottest venues. Have a request? They will take it! KEG Orlando DJs love to play new songs, but also jam out to classics. Come see why Korndogg Entertainment Group DJ’s are the best in the business, guarantee a good time, and perfectly blend the party you are seeking. Our DJ Services page has more to offer regarding our DJs, equipment used, and services available.