Bar Bingo

Bingo is a game of chance, but your chance of having a crazy fun time is aplfied when you hangout with Korndogg and his professional party hosts. This isn’t your grandmas bingo night.  Korndogg Entertainment Group brings the excitement back to bingo night with their animated crowd interaction and offering the best bingo prizes anywhere.  From Gift Cards, Bar Swag, and Food and Drink tickets, Korndogg’s Bar Bingo nights make grabbing balls at random an experience you won’t find anywhere else. KEG Orlando puts together specific playlists for each venue to nail the target in regards to musical preference. During breaks they accept requests, and in most venues play music videos. The style of winning their Bingo is always exciting, turning a sit-down game of chance into an Olympic race to the finish line. In most cases, Bingo nights with KEG Orlando hosts also incorporate beer pong and flip cup to add additional fun and prizes. Come see why they win at Bingo!

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