Dirty Bingo

Feel like getting a little dirty? Consider KEG Orlando’s Dirty Bingo nights to be your naughty, late night pleasure. When it comes to stamina we have been running Dirty Bingo in Orlando longer than any other company. Plus, we have the best show format with all the prizes that are guaranteed to make you blush. We give away more prizes with better quality than any other production in town. Our Dirty Bingo events in Orlando are well known for our comedic factor and plethora of brand new pleasure prizes.

What pleasure prizes do KEG Orlando hosts offer during their Dirty Bingo shows? Glad you asked! We offer all the prizes you have always wanted to buy, without actually being caught purchasing. Let’s just say, these are adult only toys one may find at a local mega-store that rhymes with “Mairbilla”. We purchase all of our toys in bulk, shipped directly from California in the good old U.S. of A. Savings and benefits are passed on to the bar owners and patrons by lowering costs and allowing us to provide more prizes per night. Double the fun!

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