Game Night

This isn’t your families boring Thursday Night game night.  Korndogg’s Entertainment Group doesn’t do anything boring.  If you’re ready for a battle royale in all things game related this is the ultimate game night experience you’ve been looking for. This night was created simply to occupy Orlando bar goers without luring them into some active entertainment where they must either become the performer, or be super smart while consuming booze. Lets be honest, that last statement is a nearly impossible oxy-moron. Sooooo….. Get a team together and take the challenge as you and your friends compete against other teams in beer pong, bingo, Jenga, and so much more.  Many will compete but there can only be one winner. It’s basically the movie Gladiator, but in a bar. Instead of lions, swords and massive muscular dudes fighting to the death; its ping pong balls, bingo cards and an occasional dude that just left the gym in search of a solid source of protein in the form of a delicious chicken sandwich.

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