Trivia Party

It’s not officially a KEG party until you have KEG party Trivia! Our Trivia nights are some of the best in Orlando. With creative, fun and professional hosts a KEG Trivia night offers an experience that you can’t find anywhere else. Where applicable, we present our Trivia via Power Point Presentation. Incorporating fun pictures, GIFs, multiple choice answers, word jumbles and even caption contests to satisfy your deepest trivia needs. In the event we cant place our Trivia shows on TVs, its totally cool, we still got your back and entertain with naturally impressive verbal skills. All our shows are based on music, movies, pop culture and random knowledge from the 60s forward. Occasionally you will have a question that will not fall into this category, but our goal is to run a show that is entertaining while challenging. A Trivia night where all of the questions don’t revolve around some boring 1914 railroad act. Enjoy some food, drinks and laughs and test your knowledge with KEG Party Trivia.

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