Video DJ Nights

Korndogg Entertainment Group Orlando DJs play all the songs you want to hear. KEG DJs also play all the videos you want to see! Our DJ’s work with the crowds, take request, and mix music and videos to satisfy all your party needs. Look, lets be honest, sometimes we NEED Mic Jagger and his videos in our lives. Personally, we are fans of the music, but everyone is a fan of his videos. After all, they did make a song that was an homage to his sexual style of dancing. Our sets are so much more than TOP 40 and hip-hop. Although we can and do play that, we play tunes from all over the spectrum of music. When people ask the style in which we prefer to play, our answers are the best releases from the 60s till now. Love mixing old disco with the new, fun 80s songs, nostalgic 90s and early 2000’s, and the top songs that come out today. We jam to all forms of music, with smooth transitions at fun venues. If a particular song doesnt have a music video, we overlay it with some of the best youtube finds like the techno Viking, to keep you going as strong as he is. Our music library is updated every week making sure we have all the latest tracks and old classics you want to hear while drinking your beer or chugging a martini.

We at Korndogg Entertainment Group also do private events! We DJ everything from 2500 person block parties at downtown Orlando’s Wall St. Plaza to back yard sweet 16s, high-end weddings and corporate events! Check out our DJ Services page for more info, including full lighting and sound rentals!

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