Corporate Events

We at Orlando D.J. Group are no stranger to the corporate side of entertainment in the Orlando area. After all, we are locally positioned next to one of the largest convention centers in the south east United States! Our offices are located in Downtown Orlando, making personal meetings and venue walk-throughs possible and adjustable if needed.

The corporate side of events have a wide range of possibilities. We have ran Karaoke, Rock Band, Gaming, Talent Shows, DJ and Lighting, Trivia and even Lip-Sync Battle events for companies over the years. From multi-cultural international trade shows, to Lego Land’s company party. Professionalism, contracts, insurance waivers and making ourselves available to your schedule are just a few traits required to confirm your next event goes as planned. We take the time to make sure you get exactly what it is YOUR party needs. We don’t sell a single package, we understand what it is you want, and build a show around that. If we cannot offer it, we have developed trusting contacts over the years who can.

Our client list includes local restaurant holiday parties, all the way to international mega brands such as Zumba, Victoria Secret, EA Sports and Hooters, just to name a few. Help us get you on that list of satisfied clients, contact us today!