A Quinceanera is a wonderful latin tradition celebrating the moment a young girl becomes a woman. You’ve watched your daughter grow from a small infant to a beautiful and unique woman.  It feels like just yesterday you were helping them take their first steps and now you’re helping them choose their first pair of high heels.  A quinceanera is so much more than a fancy dress and birthday cake, it’s a memory she will treasure forever.  This celebration of your little girl becoming a woman has many facets that if pieced together just right can make their fifteenth birthday the fairytale they’ve always dreamed of.  You want everything to be perfect for her Fiesta De Quince Anos because just like her you will be cherishing these memories as you watch her step out of the shoes of a child and into those of a beautiful woman.  

The  traditional Quinceanera father daughter dance is a symbolic and emotional moment between a father and his little girl.  When that soft spotlight follows you and your little girl as you glide across the dance floor to the perfect song would you  really want to rely on anyone but a professional.   Orlando DJ Services provides  you with flawless entertainment, up lightling, sound and music to make your little girl’s transition into womanhood a  magical experience that she will never forget for the rest of her life, and neither will you.